Upcoming Events

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Virtual Visioning Workshop.

Stakeholder Interviews

What are Draper's biggest opportunities and challenges? What is your vision for Draper over the next 20 years? Why do you live in Draper and what do you love about your community? Request a stakeholder interview.

Visioning Event

Input from this event will help develop an overarching vision that reflects the values and priorities of Draper, and will form the basis of policies and action items.

Community Choices Workshops

These workshops will be used to evaluate scenarios and choices. "What if?" questions will be vetted and big ideas tested and refined to reflect community preferences.

General Plan Kick-off information was presented to the Draper City Council on January 20th, 2015. The process was explained how the plan will be updated. This plan will serve as a policy document containing a vision for the development of Draper over the next 20 years.