General Plan Update


Opportunities Survey

We heard from citizens at Draper Days on July 17 and 18 about the things you love and things you would like to see change. As part of the Draper General Plan update, we are looking to the community to help us identify the best opportunities for the City moving forward. If you missed us at the previous events, this survey is another opportunity to provide feedback during this middle stage of the project. Here is the link to the Draper Opportunities Survey:

Visioning Phase

Take a look at the results from the Visioning events to see how Draper residents envision the future of their community. You can also read through and download the Existing Conditions Snapshots for a detailed look at how different trends are affecting Draper.
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Stay tuned for our next round of public outreach later this fall. We will be asking about specific opportunities and policy choices to accomplish our vision for Draper.

Draper City Looks Forward 20 Years to the Future

Draper FarmAn update to the City's General Plan begins in 2015! The General Plan serves as a policy document containing a vision for the development of Draper over the next 20 years. The update of the Draper City General Plan offers an extraordinary opportunity to join in a planning dialogue focused on further enhancing the quality of life we have come to expect in our community. In the 10 years since the 2004 General Plan was adopted, the City has changed significantly.

The City, Logan Simpson, and the Wasatch Front Regional Council will lead the community in a process that revisits, reconfirms, and where necessary, re-envisions the desired future of Draper. The team will work with the community, staff, and elected officials to ensure an usable plan that guides a path to the future, while representing the community’s values.
Senior Center

Our process will be informed by the most recent thinking in planning theory. However, the vision must be set through your involvement. The true success of this general plan process must be based on wide and diverse community input. There will be opportunities to describe what you love about the community and to attend events designed to gather ideas about Draper's future. In addition to open houses, workshops, fun events, and public hearings, there will also be opportunities to participate in online activities.

Trax StationThe General Plan update will reinforce the values of those who live in Draper, leverage redevelopment opportunities, and re-envision the desired future in terms of geography, form of the built environment, and functions of environmental and transportation systems.