Destination Commercial Zone

Draper City has changed its land use map and zoning district to create a destination commercial zone near the new IKEA retail store. This new category is created to address the goals and objectives of the area adjacent to the interstate around the Bangerter Parkway. With the announcement of IKEA, a major destination retail establishment, building its new store at this interchange, previously adopted designations applied to this area were recently updated. IKEA is known to be a popular regional retailer with customers routinely traveling long distances to shop at their stores.


The goal of this new district is to enhance the opportunity for approximately 150 acres of vacant or underutilized property surrounding this destination retailer. The overall objective is to direct future development by limiting allowable uses to office, retail, restaurant, personal care service, indoor entertainment, and lodging. The intent is to create a vibrant center of activity for destination-oriented commercial development at this interchange. This goal will require a commitment to exceptional levels of architectural and landscaping design quality. Adequate parking and traffic circulation will be critical components of the area. Hedges, landscape walls, berms, tree diamonds, or other similar mitigation measures should be utilized to minimize the negative aesthetic impact of the required parking. Site design should also accommodate comfortable pedestrian walkways.

The details of this new district were created through a process involving nearly 100% of the effected property owners. There is enthusiasm and anticipation among all concerning the future development of these large tracks of vacant land. The coming years will bring much change to this area with new services and restaurants, as well as business opportunities. Join us in watching the creativity and evolution of this area as it transforms in response to IKEA.

Planned Residential Development Overlay Zone

Draper City has been developing a revised version of its Planned Residential Development [PRD] Overlay Zone. The city is requesting comments on the plan from the development community. An informational meeting where opportunities for questions and answers related to this draft ordinance was held in the Draper City Council Chambers on Wednesday, September 13, 2006. If you have further questions or would like to submit comments directly, please contact Russell Fox at e-mail or (801) 576-6516.