Major Road Construction Projects 2018

Road Construction Projects in SunCrest

Please be aware that Draper City has two road construction projects that will affect SunCrest residents and cyclists. Cyclists will not be allowed on either road during the construction. We know that many of you use this road to commute, and for your safety we ask that you use another means of transportation. If you have questions on these projects, please cotnact Draper City's Engineering office at (801) 576-6369.
Reconstruct Traverse Ridge Road from Suncrest Drive to Draper Heights Way. Storm drain pipe is being laid on the uphill side. Once the storm drain is completed on that side, that side will be paved, traffic will be switched to the uphill side and the downhill side will be closed for the same type of work. The traffic switch will be around August 1. The anticipated project completion date is October 15. Bicycles and pedestrians are prohibited until October 15. Please plan accordingly. Traverse Ridge Road Construction Zone Cyclists Prohibited
Reconstruct the east half of Suncrest Drive from Mercer Hollow (south) to the city limits. Work continues to construct the structural section from Brookside Drive to the City limits. Anticipated completion date is July 1. Bicycles are prohibited. Please plan accordingly. 
Suncrest Dr Construction Zone

Construct Lone Peak Parkway Extension II from Golden Harvest to Ikea Way.  
The intersection of 135 west and Ikea way has been closed for the construction. Detours are provided. The road continues to be constructed. Anticipated completion date is September 1.

Pavement Maintenance Projects.
This Friday (June 7), slurry seal will be placed on Lone Peak Parkway from 12650 South to Golden Harvest Rd. and on Saturday slurry seal will be placed on Traverse Ridge Rd. from Highland Drive to Draper Heights Way.

12200 Sol Lone Peak Parkway Project.
Construction will begin on June 11 and will involve storm drain installation and intersection improvements.  Anticipated completion is end of September.

Highland Drive / New River Drive Intersection Project.
Re-grading of a portion of the intersection is to begin on the week of June 11.  Anticipated completion is July 15.

Non-City Construction Projects

South Valley Sewer District (SVSD) – Sewer Main Replacement on Fort Street

SVSD has recently submitted plans for replacement of their sewer main on Fort Street from Willow Springs Lane to 13400 S.  This replacement is necessary to provide additional capacity for new growth in the area.  They are anticipating the work to be from June 1st to October 2018.  We will provide additional information once we have reviewed their plans.

UDOT-Technology Corridor

UDOT will be adding two lanes in each direction to I-15 between Lehi Main Street and S.R. 92.  This work has begun and will continue until late 2020.  Although this project is not in our City, it will affect residences’ travel times when going south. The attachment provides additional information on this project.

UDOT Technology Corridor