Pet Licensing & Permits

Draper Animal Services would like to remind residents of the law concerning the licensing of dogs in Draper City. All dogs are required to have a license issued by Draper City Animal Services. To license your dog(s), the animals are required to first obtain a rabies vaccination through a licensed veterinarian. The vaccination certificate, Draper City Dog License Application, and dog license payment can be taken to, or mailed to:

Draper City Animal Services
12375 South 550 West
Draper Utah 84020
(801) 576-1805

Draper City Animal Services Fee Schedule

Dog License Fees
Altered (Spayed or neutered) $6

Unaltered dog $20

Replacement license / transfer fee $1

Senior Citizen Discount Dog License Fees
Spayed or neutered dog $5

Unaltered dog $10

Board Impound Fees/Per Day
Dogs and cats $8

Small livestock $10

Large livestock $10

Impound Fees First Time Second Time Third Time*
Licensed dog $30 $50 $75
Unlicensed dog $35 $75 $100
Cat $20 $30 $40
Small livestock $25 $50 $75
Large livestock $50 $100 $125
*The third time an animal is impounded, the owner will be issued a citation. 
*All impounds after the third impound will result in an increased fine and a hearing.
Trap Rental Fees
Small $40

Medium $50

Large $100

Animal Turnover Fee
Small (dogs and cats) $15

Large (livestock) $50