Public Process

Draper City is undergoing a rigorous, in-depth technical and public process to update the General Plan. Here is a high-level, step-by-step explanation of the process and how you can get involved. 

STEP 1- City staff thoroughly reviews existing plans and materials to ensure compliance with existing laws and ordinances. They provide recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council. 

STEP 2- Planning Commission and City Council review recommendations and give their direction to staff regarding the goals, objectives, and intended outcomes for the plan.

STEP 3- The City provides multiple opportunities for residents to help create the plan through a survey, online interactive map, public open houses, public hearings, and a public comment period. 

STEP 4- City staff refines the plan based on ongoing technical analysis and public comments. 

STEP 5- Planning Commission and City Council review the final draft plan and consider it for adoption. 

STEP 6- When the proposed Draper City General Plan is adopted, it becomes the official visioning document that guides the City’s decisions regarding long-term growth and development.  

Draper City October 16th Open House at Draper City Hall from 4pm to 7pm

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