Land Disturbance Permit


Applying for a Land Disturbance Permit

Municipal Code pertaining to Land Disturbance, Applications, Fees, Bonds and Inspection

Title 18 Land Disturbance (PDF)

Completed applications can be submitted online via email to engineering along with all required documentation.

Incomplete applications will not be placed in our review queue. Once a completed Land Disturbance permit application is submitted, it can take least five (5) working days for a first review to be completed. 

Bonds and Fees

Bonds and fees will be assessed after the Land Disturbance Permit is reviewed and approved by a Draper City engineer.

All security(bond) agreement forms must be signed and notarized. With the original being given to engineering. We can not accept copies of agreements.

Bonds and fees can be paid on one check for the total amount of the permit (bond amount plus Land Disturbance Permit Fee.) All checks need to be made out to Draper City.

Security Deposits (Bonds) are held under a warranty status for 12-18 months after the work has been completed. These bonds are released pending the approval of the completed work by the inspector, engineer, and city engineer.

Additional Materials

Please see the second page of the Land Disturbance Permit for a list of all items required to be submitted with the permit.