Administrative Decisions

Response DateName or AddressDescription
2/22/2019The AnnexOR Zone Residential Standards
3/26/2019Draper Mill Site Plan Amendment         736 W. 12300 SouthDraper Mill Site Plan Amendment
3/22/2019Rimrock Building Site Plan Amendment 11716 South 700 EastRimrock Bulding Site Plan Amendment
4/2/2019Deer Hollow Recovery II Permitted Use Permit - 13666 So. Annie Lace WayDeer Hollow II Permitted Use Permit
4/1/2019Chick-fil-A Site Plan AmendmentChick-fil-A Site Plan Amendment
4/1/2019Tunex Abandonment Interpretation
12481 S Minuteman Dr.
Tunex Zoning Administration Decision
5/13/2019Sno Shack Hokulia Shave Ice
1212 East Draper Parkway
Sno Shack Hokulia Shave Ice Interpretation
6/6/2019Lone Peak Biotech Site Plan
12128 S Lone Peak Parkway
Lone Peak Biotech Site Plan
6/6/2019Rise Services Amended Site Plan
13552 S 110 W
Rise Services Amended Site Plan
6/11/2019Rapunzel Tower Interpretation, 13225 South Fort StreetRapunzel Tower Interpretation
7/11/2019Youth Care SPA Admin ReportBathroom Addition at Youth Care
7/25/2019Evans Square Amended Site Plan
12219 S 900 E
Evans Square Amended Site Plan Staff Report
7/30/2019Liberty Point Plaza Amended Site Plan
12243 S Draper Gate Dr.
Liberty Point Plaza Amended Site Plan Staff Report
7/30/2019Lone Peak Business Park Lot 102 Commercial Site Plan
222 W 12300 S
Lone Peak Business Park Lot 102 Commercial Site Plan Staff Report
8/5/2019Summerhays Lot Interpretation
13450 South and Tripp Lane
Summerhays 13450 S Lot Interpretation
Summerhays Tripp Ln Lot Interpretation
8/5/2019Trico Office Addition Amended Site Plan
218 West 12650 South
Trico Office Additional Amended Site Plan Staff Report
8/5/2019Deer Hollow Recovery Preamble Permitted Use Permit
11882 S Preamble Dr.
Deer Hollow Recovery Preamble Permitted Use Permit Staff Report
8/6/2019Banbury Park Lot 5 Setback Interpretation
13488 South Banbury Park Ln.
Banbury Park Lot 5 Setback Interpretation Letter
8/20/2019Leatherheads Site Plan Amendment
12147 South State St.
Leatherheads Site Plan Amendment Staff Report
8/30/2019Vang Rooster Interpretation
694 East 12100 South
Vang Rooster Interpretation Letter
8/30/2019Summerhays Lot Interpretation Clarification
13450 S and Tripp Lane
Summerhays Lot Interpretation Clarification
9/24/2019Irvine Business Park - Amended Site Plan Request
334 West 13800 South
Irvine Business Park
9/24/2019Drapergate Coffee Vape Gazebo Addition - Amended Site Plan Request
12276 South State Street
Drapergate Coffee Vape Addition
9/24/2019Liberty Point Parkstrip - Amended Site Plan Request
12243 South Draper Gate Dr. 
Liberty Point Parkstrip
9/24/2019Quinn Court - Amended Site Plan Request
11978 South 700 East
Quinn Court Site Plan Request