Animals / Wildlife


Animal Shelter staff

The Animal Control Department provides: 
  • Adoption information
  • Animal reporting procedures
  • Pet licensing and permits 
  • Spay / neuter information                           

Lost Pets

If you have lost a pet, Draper Animal Services is the place to start your search to have it returned. All animals impounded by the animal services are taken to the animal shelter.

Dennis with snake

Our Mission

  • The Draper City Animal Control Department is dedicated to providing the citizens of Draper with courteous, professional and effective animal control.
  • Ensure the rights of animal owners and non-owners are protected and served.
  • Respond to domestic and wildlife concerns, problems or questions.
  • Educate and promote humane solutions and responsible pet care for the community.
  • Offer residents an opportunity to adopt pets that are in need of a home.

Animal Services